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Green medicine for the poorest of the poor! 

About one billion people world-wide, mainly in tropical regions, suffer from at least one of 21 life-threatening diseases currently classified by WHO as “Neglected Tropical Diseases” (NTDs). Among these, infections caused by protozoan parasites such as Chagas Disease, Leishmaniasis and African Sleeping Sickness are largely unknown to the public in high-income countries. Malaria, even though not classified by WHO as NTD, is a protozoan disease representing a major cause of deaths in many tropical regions. Mycetoma is a largely overlooked disfiguring disease caused by fungal and/or bacterial pathogens and affecting populations in underdeveloped regions across the tropics. There is an urgent need to develop new safe and affordable drugs against these diseases.

Natural products obtained from plants, fungi or microorganisms and even from small animals (such as insects and arachnids) play an outstanding role in drug research, especially against infectious diseases. Nature has created an immeasurable wealth of molecules that can be used successfully to fight even the most serious diseases and a large number of natural products with activity against parasites causing NTDs is already known. But more coordinated effort of scientists is needed in order to fully utilize this enormous potential.  

The Research Network Natural Products against Neglected Diseases (ResNet NPND) has been established in April 2011 as a multilateral and international research initiative entirely dedicated to fight the global health threat arising from NTDs with compounds derived from natural, renewable and sustainable sources.

Our network comprises natural products- and medicinal chemists, parasitologists and specialists in anti-protozoan drug screening as well as biochemists and molecular biologists, who dedicate their coordinated and synergistic efforts to the search for new active natural products against Chagas-disease, Sleeping Sickness, Leishmaniasis, Malaria and Mycetoma. Recently (Dec. 2018) the members have decided to widen the network's portfolio to all NTDs.

This website serves to introduce the network and its members, show the activities and publications and latest achievements in the quest for new, safe and affordable drugs against NTDs 

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