Research Network Natural Products against Neglected Diseases

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About us


The network was founded on April 28., 2011, during a workshop held at the University of Muenster.

During this workshop, all participants recognized the necessity to establish more efficient and targeted collaborations in their common field of scientific interest, namely, the quest for new lead compounds to develop bitterly needed novel pharmacotherapies against neglected tropical diseases.  

In a joint memorandum of commitment, the founding members declared to dedicate their joint efforts to this  important goal. [Read memorandum of commitment] [Read final report of founding workshop

Since 2011, a number of joint research activities of ResNet members took place and are ongoing, which have already led to a host of joint publications and interesting new natural products with activity against the NTD parasites (see Joint Publications 2011-2021 (April 2021)).


Current members

The network presently has 43 members in 15 countries world-wide. It is currently coordinated by Thomas J. Schmidt (Münster, Germany), Mário Steindel (Florianopolis, Brazil) and Sami A. Khalid (Khartoum, Sudan). Please visit our "members" pages to see the individual research profiles and networking activities. 



Who can apply for a membership in ResNet NPND? Scientists (group leaders) from academia and industry working in any field related to the topic (Phytochemistry, medicinal chemistry, parasite Biochemistry, parasitology, drug research, etc.) 

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