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The forth scientific meeting of ResNet NPND was a highly successful event

Form Dec. 04 to 07., 2018, the 4th scientific meeting of our network was held in conjunction with the Drug Development for Neglected Diseases International Conference (DDNDIC) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The meeting was organized by ResNet member Valeria P. Sülsen in an excellent and highly professional manner. The network is deeply grateful for this big effort. It is noteworthy that almost 20 active members of the ResNet from four continents attended the meeting and, with their contribution, made this conference a truly international one. ResNet NPND soon will go into the eighth year of its existencs and it can be said that it is a highly successful association of scientists from all relevant fields of research against NDs! Many new collaborations and plans were made at this meeting and big thanks are due to all who contributed!
The REPORT can be accessed here.

 4th Scientific Meeting of the ResNet and DDNDIC 2018 report.pdf

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