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ResNet NPND is 10 years old! Looking back, we look forward!

On April 28, 2021, it is ten years that ResNet NPND was founded during a workshop at the University of Münster. We are proud of having contributed to the research on natural products and their potential as...   mehr

22.04.2021, 15:16

ResNet NPND welcomes new member from Kenya

The network is happy to announce that recently, Dr. rer. nat. Njogu Mark Kimani, lecturer at the University of Embu, Kenya, has joined our fight against NTDs! A warm welcome and best wishes for successful...   mehr


ResNet NPND welcomes new member from Brazil

ResNet NPND has recently been joined by another eminent researcher from Brazil! We hereby warmly welcome Prof. Dr. Patricia Sartorelli, our new colleague from the Institute of Environmental, Chemical and...   mehr

16.03.2020, 16:06

ResNet NPND mourns the loss of Alvaro Romanha

ResNet NPND deeply mourns the loss of its founding member Prof. Dr. Alvaro J. Romanha! Among so many other important functions, Alvaro was the netwrok's South American coordinator from 2011-2016 and, since...   mehr

21.12.2018, 15:37

The forth scientific meeting of ResNet NPND was a highly successful event

Form Dec. 04 to 07., 2018, the 4th scientific meeting of our network was held in conjunction with the Drug Development for Neglected Diseases International Conference (DDNDIC) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The...   mehr

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